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  • It was a long time ago. Rude and Mike were making the finishing touches on their project. And then, it built. It was complete. Or had it just begun? That day, the 4th August of 2006, LÖVE was born. What is LÖVE, you ask?

    LÖVE is a 2D game engine that allows for rapid development, prototyping and deployment across Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You create you games in Lua and distribute so-called "LÖVE game files", which are basically renamed zip files.

    Anyway, back to the timeline. Everything went well, a new release was pumped out every now and then, and the LÖVE community grew larger. People joined and left the development team, and it morphed to become what is is today.

    But without the LÖVE community, it would not have gotten where it is today. I still remember the old time. There were lots of parties and everyone was happily, maybe too optimistically, creating fantastic games.

    However, in June, the partying reached an abrupt end. Aliens attacked (The guy that hosted the forums disappeared). The forums, wiki and more or less everything except the source code (which was off-site) went down. The refugees of the attack gathered in the IRC channel and looked for some way to regain what was lost.

    Of course, someone stepped up to the task. The forums were regained (though the attachments were killed in the process, may they rest in peace) and soon after that, the wiki was free of the invaders. Peace had been restored.

    The parties resumed and everyone was happy again.

    Now we fast forward to the 18th of August. News of the upcoming Ludum Dare had reached the LÖVE community and it was decided that something had to be done. A group of dedicated community members stood up and took the title of the LÖVE-Party.

    They would participate in the Ludum Dare Jam and they would win, even though there is no victor in the Jam. Nothing would stand in the way of the power of love. The Ludum Dare started, the game was created, and the Ludum Dare ended.

    So here we are, the LÖVE-Party, created for the sole purpose of spreading the word about LÖVE, with an absolutely fabulous game about making ground beef by smashing bulls into other bulls. Truly incredible.